Kendo improves the performance of people

and the organisations they work for


Even the best plans will not deliver outcomes with poor execution

“Objectives need to be robust for execution plans to be developed and shared, owned and regularly measured throughout the organisation.”

The Kendo Way

Kendo accommodates a shared purpose promoting belonging, strategic pillars provide guidelines for big decisions, SMART objectives provide a picture of success and linked objectives ensure alignment and accountability throughout the organisation.  Kendo is focused on outcomes.


Plans and projects need the right people, committed to success

“Intrinsic motivation, coming from somewhere deep inside, has a greater impact on performance and commitment than rewards and benefits.”

The Kendo Way

Kendo has been designed to define what success looks like for each individual, allows a degree of autonomy to deliver the outcomes they are accountable for, to grow and develop skills and capabilities and you belong in a meaningful way to a team.

Performance inspired.