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Kendo Values

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Customer Success

  • Our products work
  • We anticipate customers’ needs
  • The customer is the centre of our universe
  • Customer success is our success
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  • We build on proven methodologies
  • Our research is robust and reliable
  • We deliver what we promise
  • We own our mistakes
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  • We prioritise team objectives over individual success
  • All wins are team wins and are celebrated with our colleagues
  • We respect each other and value what each can offer
  • We have each other’s back
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  • We support talented people
  • Roles and responsibilities are earned by performance
  • Mistakes are an acceptable outcome from pushing new ideas
  • We are outcomes orientated
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  • We have persistence to keep going…and going
  • Blockers are opportunities to excel
  • We have faith in what we do
  • The glass is always half full…even when it is nearly empt

The History of Kendo

In 2018 a group of liked-minded individualswith extensiveexperience in organisational psychology, software development, HR management and business management decided to pool resources and created TheKendo Way as a vehicleto disrupttraditional and outdated procedures and approaches in HR.


We worked hard building the Kendo platform and launched an MVP of the product in 2020 winning a major ASX listed public company. Productenhancements have continued as we got feedback from the user base.


In late 2021, we got recognised as the Editors choice of HR Tech.


Performance inspired.