What Matters to Us

Kendo_About _Customer Success_@2x

Customer success is why we exist

  • Our products work
  • We anticipate customers’ needs
  • The customer is the centre of our universe
  • Customer success is our success
Kendo_About _Integrity_@2x

Integrity in who we are and what we do

  • We are honest and ethical in our dealing
  • We build on proven methodologies
  • We deliver what we promise
  • We own our mistakes
Kendo_About _Talents_@2x

Camaraderie in cultivating our cohort as well as self

  • We prioritise team objectives over individual success
  • All wins are team wins and are celebrated with our colleagues
  • We respect each other and value what each can offer
  • We have each other’s back
Kendo_Platform_Motivating People_@2x

Talent is the backbone we build on

  • We support talented people
  • Roles and responsibilities are earned by performance
  • Mistakes are an acceptable outcome from pushing new ideas
  • We are outcomes orientated
Kendo_About _Camaraderie_@2x

Passion to be a global game breaker

  • We have persistence to keep going… and going
  • Blockers are opportunities to excel
  • We have faith in what we do and the passion to excel
  • The glass is always half full… even when it is nearly empty