Employee Experience

Employee Experience is something leaders and managers have been aware of since the development of a market for labour. Early on ‘a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work’ was all that it meant. Over time, employees changed the power dynamic and we now live in a world where there is a ‘war for talent’.

With an ageing population diminishing labour supply and the emerging gig economy, not withstanding automation and machine learning, the war for talent will rage for the foreseeable future. Consequently, employers must understand what employees really want from a job. This isn’t easy because what people want varies between individuals and it changes over time. The days of here are the terms and conditions, take it or leave it, are well and truly over.

Kendo recognises this change with one of our core principles which is how to genuinely motivate people. When people ‘had’ to work (and get a fair day’s pay) they were extrinsically motivated. That is: do this work – get this pay. Unfortunately, the emphasis on extrinsic motivation continues today and is a big part of remuneration packages by way of bonuses, STIs, LTIs, success fees and so on. Extrinsic motivation creates a particular type of behaviour in which the individual puts achieving their own objectives to get their reward above team or organisation success. But organisational psychology has proved that intrinsic motivation, i.e., doing something because you believe in it and get satisfaction from doing it, is a much more powerful and sustained motivator for most individuals.

To intrinsically motivate a person requires three key ingredients derived from self-determination theory (Ryan and Deci). They are:

  1. Autonomy in that the individual wants to be able to make some decisions themselves
  2. Competence which is improving their ability to do things, and
  3. Relatedness which is a sense of connection and belonging.

Kendo’s approach to employee experience is fundamentally different from many traditional alternatives. The Kendo platform is specifically designed so the individual can self-manage their career and drive the pathway to get there. It allows people to create a Talent Profile where they assess their skills, strengths, and motivators, analyse the key needs of their role, identify the areas where they need improvement and create Growth Goals that are managed and measured regularly.

Add to this regular pulse checks on progress for their own objectives and regular retrospectives, your staff are now rich in feedback and guidance on how to improve and where to develop. They have autonomy, they are very connected to their manager and teammates, and they are working on their competencies. Kendo clearly defines what success looks like and creates an understanding that every individual is doing meaningful work.