The Kendo Way has deep expertise and insights into specific industries. Our solid industry knowledge includes an understanding of key attributes shaped by competitive pressures, related human capital trends and the regulatory environment. Our industry experience places us further up the learning curve allowing quicker onboarding of projects and a fast track of results.

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Publicly Listed Companies

Listed entities have reporting and governance requirements in the Human Resources area over and above other organisations. In a world of increasing public scrutiny a proven and transparent talent management platform is a logical must have for public listed companies. We have extensive experience with Remuneration Committees, Remuneration Reporting, remuneration plans and performance measurement.

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Professional Services Firms

Professional services firms are people businesses. The organisational performance of professional services firms has historically been tied to individual performance under a hero model. Moving forward, professional services performance will be increasingly driven by team productivity. We have worked with professional service firms around the world and have a deep understanding of this sector.

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Local Government

Local Government organisations have as a strategic priority the objective of strengthening innovation and digital transformation in local government to take advantage of opportunities to improve productivity and services. Revenue growth is difficult so productivity is critical. We have worked extensively with the transformation of local government bodies.

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