Kendo and Your Business

Kendo is a doing not just recording platform. As a manager or leader, you need information, sometimes a summary on a page, and sometimes you need to do a deep dive to see where the issues are. Our powerful reporting features provide you with all the options.

What’s more, Kendo creates a large data lake which we call our Employee Data Platform which has hundreds of variables that are measured regularly. These include measures of capabilities from talent profiles, performance at an organisation, team, and individual level with granularity at an objective and goal level, and finally employee experience which covers data at a personal, work, team and organisational level. This allows what we like to call insightful management decision making where real data is available to guide not only HR i.e., learning, succession planning, hiring and so on, but in general decision making on performance, organisation strategy, structure, and capability. Our inbuilt data science features give management access to a world of information they have not had before.

Let’s not forget the big things that are often taken for granted but MIA in reality. Kendo makes purpose a living concept that is permeated through the organisation. Kendo links objectives to Business Plans so there is strategic clarity. The Kendo Way adheres to self-determination theory and how to promote intrinsic motivation. Individual agree the objectives built have some autonomy in how they deliver them. We think what Kendo provides to the business is aligned autonomy – where the organisation is all pulling the same way but individuals are liberated to innovate and continually improve what they do.