Kendo and Your People

Kendo is a people centric product. Typical HRIS were designed to with the HRD as the main user and their job was to manage all the records involved in administering and managing a large number of people. Kendo is a self-service product where every employee has a personalised experience based around their needs, role and development stage.

As a valued employee you will develop a talent profile which will look at your capabilities, motivators, and aspirations. You will create your own role and corresponding responsibilities which will be agreed with your manager. Unlike Job descriptions which rarely get updated, you can update your role at any time to reflect any changes that are needed. Having a talent profile and a clear definition of role and responsibilities allows you to create meaningful and relevant growth goals with detailed development activities. Your progress towards each goal will be measured regularly and discussed with your manager.

If you want, you can create an aspired role and assess your capabilities against this and create goals that will progress you towards this role. These goals can be just something for just you to see or you could share with your manager or others to get their support and guidance. It’s up to you.

You will have business objectives that have either been cascaded to you or objectives that you have created. In all cases objectives are agreed so there is buy in to them. These are measured monthly and there is regular feedback and one on one discussion.

To round out your life as an employee there are retrospectives which collect data from business objectives, growth goals and much more. What was your contribution to your team? How did your people rate you as a manager? This holistic review process looks back at the past and helps focus on your priorities going forward.