Employee Experience

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Career self -management is enabled by providing individuals with tools to gain insight into their current capability and future aspiration.


Individuals define their purpose and career aspiration to create their own personal strategic clarity to guide their professional growth.


An individual’s role in the organisation is clearly defined so they are clear on the expectations of their role and have the context to determine their career plan and personal development.


Individuals assess their technical and behavioural skills, strengths and motivators in relation to these role requirements to understand their capability strengths and areas for development.

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Individual create a career plan with Growth Goals based on development needs for both current future roles so they can measure mastery of their current role as well as their readiness for an aspired future role. Each growth goal includes identified learning activities and milestones, which involve doing, learning or connecting and is agreed with their manager so that the organisation can provide the required support.


Progress on Growth Goals is measured regularly through Pulse checks to encourage continuous learning and prompt meaningful growth conversations with managers.


Performance is defined as an individual’s total contribution to outcomes, team contribution and collaboration, learning mindset and proactivity, values alignment and leadership behaviours.


Performance assessment (Retrospectives) is regular and can be structured or on demand so that discussions can occur at the most appropriate time.

Performance inspired.