Business Planning 

and Execution


An organisation needs to have strategic clarity to achieve it’s purpose and meet stakeholder needs. This needs to translate into SMART Business Plan Objectives that align all activity throughout the organisation.


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Each Business Plan Objective is broken into linked, bite size objectives that individuals own and are accountable for. These are statements of a business problem that need to be solved.


The owner determines the activities needed to solve each problem and determines who will deliver these activities, inviting those people to be accountable for them. These activities, in turn, become an objective owned by the assignee and linked to the parent objective.

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Objectives are always agreed between the manager and the individual to create genuine ownership and accountability


To maximize the probability of success, each objective has milestones to be achieved on the path to deliver the final outcome. Progress against these milestones is measured frequently with a Pulse check.

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Kendo is focused on outcomes not inputs. There are many metrics for measuring progress on milestones and final deliverables but they are always based on outcomes.

Performance inspired.