Performance Management

Performance Management of people and work is a very challenging issue. Leaders and managers try to find the ‘magic formula’ for sustained performance of their organisations and how to bring out the best in their people.

Digital disruption (supercharged by COVID-19) has dramatically impacted every organisation and the new world of work (and the Great Resignation) has redefined the workplace. Leaders have realised there is no magic formula to managing organisations and people, but rather it’s a changing dynamic and best practice is a constantly evolving matter.

Kendo starts with a broad definition of what performance management is, and it is a comprehensive view that includes both the organisation and the people within it.

As a core principle, there is a strong interdependence between the performance of people and organisational outcomes. Either side of this equation is dependent on the other side. People are more challenged to achieve high performance if the organisation isn’t pumping along and equally the organisation won’t perform well if people aren’t ‘kicking goals’.

Performance Management for us is holistic where business objectives must be closely related to individual objectives. We use a methodology based on the SMART approach to goal setting which sits neatly into a strategic clarity framework. This is intuitive, agile and, most importantly, can be adapted easily to any organisation’s approach to business planning. Another core principle is that execution is critical. The best-laid plans often fall short of their promise because of poor execution. The Kendo Way puts a lot of focus on this by breaking objectives into bite size pieces of work, making clear who’s accountable for this and measuring progress regularly (using our SMART framework).

Of course, it’s rare that an objective rolls out as planned, especially in the current environment, so guidance, feedback and agility is needed to ‘trim the sails’ and keep things on course.

Kendo is not just another record-keeping platform. Rather it is smart and helps people focus on the right things. Regular assessment and constant improvement is how better outcomes are achieved.

This is why we happily say Kendo – Performance Inspired.