The networked organisation is the future of work​

Networked organisations are the future of work and The Kendo Way provides connectivity by flowing relevant information through the organisation with a top down cascading of purpose and objectives and push up from the bottom of capabilities, growth needs, individual and team initiatives. As things change anywhere in the networked organisation, the information is shared and responses can be made promptly, becoming agile.



Dynamic reporting is critical, be it the strengths of an individual team or a dashboard of personal objectives of an employee


Understanding the strengths of the team is key to leading it

Creating a team is easy but getting it to work effectively and optimise outcomes is a leadership challenge. One key element to this is understanding what the capabilities of the team are and how to balance the skills and strengths.


Personal dashboards provide continuous performance information

Motivating employees is a complex matter but agreeing clear goals and responsibilities is the start. But this is of little value unless they are measured continually and there is a rectification to variances from the milestones.

Performance inspired.