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For Managers: 50% Task Redundancy Means New Capabilities

50% of tasks undertaken by workers will be redundant in 5 years. The advances in technology through machine learning, automation, systemization and AI will force significant changes to work flow and work force planning. How do you manage a workforce that needs constant re-skilling?

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For Managers: Insufficient Execution Management

While business plans often involve extensive analysis and big promises, very little thought is given in the plan to managing the execution. The lack of planning leads to slippage and overruns meaning planning ROI is not met. How can you hit targets more often?

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For Managers: What is the ROI on L&D?

Organisations are facing disruption and need new capabilities to compete. An understanding of existing capabilities of individuals and teams is critical to make learning and development decisions that will deliver an ROI. How do you measure ROI on L&D?

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For Team Leaders: Creating Teamwork

It is one thing to create a team, it is quite another to create teamwork. Like in sport, a collection of people need a plan with clear objectives, roles and a decision making framework to operate as a winning team. How do you optimise team performance?

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For Team Leaders: Psychologically Safe Places

Having a safe place for all team members to contribute their thoughts, to speak up, to propose their ideas and to “fail” is critical to optimising employee engagement and team performance. What does a safe place look like?

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For Employees: Purpose Sets True North

Organisations that have a Purpose Statement, a statement that informs of the “long term good” that the organisation is doing, lifts employee engagement as people want to do meaningful work that is both altruistic and economic. How do you permeate Purpose throughout the organisation?

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For Employees: 50% Task Redundancy Means Re-skilling

Employees will have many roles, with several employers and multiple careers over their working life. They need to take responsibility for their own re-skilling and developing a growth plan for their future. How can employees better plan their careers and reskill for the future?

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