The HR Tech Evolution

Technology is moving at warp speed and change is limited to the rate at which people can cope

The challenge is we don’t know how fast things will change, or what is coming next. There is no end game. Technology will continue to drive disruption, splintering markets, delivering new products and services, new skills will be needed, skills finely honed with many years of education will no longer be needed, “know how” will be captured by big data and machine learning, and people will be dislocated and feel threatened by this new work environment. Traditional HR management and the philosophy underpinning it will not cope with the new work place.

“Networked organisations are the new world of work. Ubiquitous access to technology allows many to many connectivity so that cross functional teams can be easily formed for specific projects or processes and be disbanded when the project is completed without major organisational restructuring.”  

In this new agile organisation, the required change in talent management is being enabled by a new generation of HR SaaS, introducing Kendo.


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