Organisational Capability

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As organisations develop their business plan, they also need to identify the organisational capabilities required to deliver it. Where there are gaps, the organisation can develop a plan to build these capabilities


Kendo’s data repository combines data from multiple sources, allowing extensive analytics and reporting through integrated PowerBI applications. This provides insightful people and Performance data about individuals, teams and the organisation to supports objective decision-making.

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Leaders are provided with access to insights on how to harness the full potential of their team including recommendations and guidance to help them manage their people.


Talent and capability planning is critical. The identification of high performers and high potentials provides insight into the organisation’s talent profile, thereby enabling it understand it’s capability across the organisation.


Leadership capabilities are highlighted and 360 feedback provides understanding of leadership strengths and gaps, individually and across the business objective owned by the assignee and linked to the parent objective.

Performance inspired.